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Elizabeth II : Vegan et libérée, la compagne de son petit-neveu bouscule la monarchie britannique

Samuel Chatto et sa mère, Lady Sarah Chatto, en 2017. | © Justin TALLIS / POOL / AFP


Sam Chatto, le petit-fils de la princesse Margaret, est en couple avec Sophie Pipe depuis plusieurs années. 

La soeur cadette d’Elizabeth II est la véritable star de la saison 3 de The Crown. C’est l’excellente Helena Bonham Carter qui y incarne la princesse Margaret dont l’histoire d’amour avec Lord Snowdon est notamment portée à l’écran. Souvent décrite comme « indisciplinée » ou « turbulente », son propre petit-fils, Sam Chatto, 22 ans, a lui aussi sa petite réputation au sein de la famille royale britannique.  Celui que Point de Vue n’hésite pas à appeler un « héritier New Age » entend en bouger les codes. À l’image de sa petite amie depuis quatre ans, Sophie Pipe.

Libérés, délivrés

Professeure de yoga passée par l’Inde, vegan et féministe jusqu’au bout des ongles, la roturière semble défrayer la chronique outre-Manche où le Daily Mail en a dressé le portrait au mois de novembre. Cette néo-influenceuse bien-être documente la vie du couple sur Instagram où elle n’hésite pas à afficher ses aisselles poilues dans un élan body-positive. « Si vous êtes vivant, alors votre corps est parfait. C’est aussi simple que ça« , lâche-t-elle sous une publication qui rompt avec le protocole habituel.


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On this day last year it was a new moon. I was in Rishikesh, one week into my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Sam. As usual we had woken up at 5:00am and had spent the day studying pranayama, meditation, ashtanga, anatomy, yoga philosophy, and hatha. After dinner most of the women gathered on the roof for a new moon circle where we burnt incense, shared our stories, cried, connected, held hands, meditated, set intentions for the month ahead, and burned and buried lists of things we wanted to let go of from our lives. It was so special and left me feeling immensely alive and human/woman and loved. I have been integrating the experience into myself for the past year and I think I will continue to for the rest of my life. With our teachers, our course mates, and the locals, we created a four week long heaven on earth and, after a year of so much inward work and self discovery I am setting a new intention to honour the ones I made a year ago: I intend, through the practice of yoga, meditation + mindfulness, self love + care, creativity + consciousness, to create and hold spaces for others to experience the healing power of connection that I felt during my time in Rishikesh and have been striving to rediscover since. If you would like to join me, in spirit or in person, I would love to have you by my side on this journey. x x x I have no pictures from the new moon circle, only the most beautiful memories of the faces of some of the most powerful women I know flickering in the candlelight. These pictures were taken two days earlier when we visited the Kanjupuri Temple at sunrise where our coconut offering (it is illegal to harm any animals in Rishikesh so all offerings to the gods are of the non animal, sometimes coconut, variety) and all of our snacks were stolen by the sneaky, stealthy monkeys! #LOVEABOVEALL

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if you’re alive then your body is perfect. it’s that simple. if you have the ability to breathe and to feel love and joy and pain and anger and engage with the world through your senses then you’re body is doing exactly what it was designed to do. be grateful. self love does not happen overnight. shaking off the body-shaming narratives we have been taught, the ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections’ that we are told we have (and are also told we are supposed to celebrate but also ‘fix’ (see the problem? it’s absolute bs)), and the manifestations of shame and resentment that we have for our own bodies t a k e s  w o r k. so start with being grateful. say thank you to the body that puts up with everything you throw at it and survives. it’s the only one you’ve got. #begrateful 📷: @lilidocherty on a very happy day

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Samuel Chatto, lui, a plus ou moins laissé tomber sa formation d’architecte – il est diplômé de l’Université d’Édimbourg depuis 2018 – pour s’adonner à la poterie entre deux voyages spirituels. Être un simple pion dans le marché de l’art ? Très peu pour lui.

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