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L’émotion de la fille de Mike Horn en apprenant que son père a été retrouvé par les sauveteurs

jessica horn

Jessica Horn apprend que son père est sain et sauf. | © Capture d'écran Instagram.

People et royauté

En difficulté depuis des jours sur l’océan Arctique, l’explorateur a finalement été secouru. Sa fille n’a pas pu retenir ses larmes. 

Jessica Horn, la fille de Mike Horn, n’a pu cacher son soulagement en apprenant que son père était sauvé. Comme le montre une vidéo publiée sur le compte Instagram de l’explorateur, la jeune femme a fondu en larmes lorsque les deux hommes partis le sauver sur l’océan Arctique l’ont finalement retrouvé. « Soulagée ? », demande une voix masculine. La jeune femme fait oui de la tête avant de se cacher le visage pour pleurer.

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Séquence émotion

« Les dernières nouvelles que nous avons reçues hier soir tard sont que les deux duos d’explorateurs (Mike Horn était accompagné de son coéquipier Borge Ousland dans cette expédition) ont réussi à se rapprocher jusqu’à ce que, soudain, ils repèrent leurs phares au loin », peut-on lire en légende.

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Expedition Update 43: As we impatiently wait for more news and photos from Mike and @BorgeOusland, we thought it would be nice to give you a little sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes. The past couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster above all for Mike and Borge on the ice, but also for all the people supporting and following this epic expedition. So here's a little video of my sister @JessicaaHorn when she found out that the 4 explorers had finally met up in the dark after successfully crossing the lead that was separating them. It is difficult to put emotions into words in these types of situations, but for us and the rest of our amazing team, who work so closely to Mike to help him make his dreams come true, these are the moments we live for! The last news we received late yesterday night is that the two duo of explorers had managed to get closer and closer to each other until all of a sudden, they spotted each other's headlamp lights in the distance. From what we were told, the 4 men all started shouting cries of joy when they saw the lights! I try to picture what this reunion must have been like…Imagine seeing two strangers on the ice after spending almost 3 months alone with no other sign of life than that of your expedition partner. Knowing @MikeHornExplorer, he must have been euphoric. I can just imagine hearing his "woohoooo" resonating in the silent polar night coming from nothing else than a headlamp light. I wish we could have been there to witness what must have been a truly historical moment! That being said, the expedition is not over yet! The guys still have to make their safe way back onto Lance, about 15km away, which they hope to complete by tonight or tomorrow morning. But one thing is sure, the end is in arm's reach now. Soon Mike and Borge will be welcomed onboard Lance, which will then backtrack its way out of the ice and meet up with Pangaea, which will be waiting for them at the edge of the ice so they can hop back onboard and officially finish their expedition! We are now waiting for Paps to give us a call and update us on the current situation, so sit tight, more news to come. 🤞@annikahorn

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Quelques heures plus tard, les proches de Mike Horn annonçaient que son compagnon et lui avaient réussi à rejoindre le bateau venu les secourir, sains et saufs. Mike Horn était en difficulté depuis plusieurs jours après être tombé dans l’eau glacé. Fin novembre, il se disait « à bout de forces »

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